The AEONS foundation is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to ensure that aviation and space-flight flourish for years to come.

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one small step, one giant leaP!

-By donating as little as $1, you can make a difference in the future of space exploration and provide scholarships for space educational and training opportunities. AEONS is different in that scholarships are granted for both educational -and- training opportunities for people of all ages who are motivated to strengthen aviation and space technology. It is never too late to get involved at AEONS!

-Through volunteering and working with AEONS, you will learn about the innovations that can make the dangers of space travel much less of a barrier to accomplishing missions that benefit all of mankind for centuries! From improving our quality of life here on Earth --to improving medical technology -- the successful conduction of space missions (especially manned colonization efforts) have benefits that can't be overlooked! Your support, along with your important intellectual contributions, will be essential in making human space travel commonplace. Together, we can make the future better for everyone!

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AEONS wants you to see the 'spacetacular' wonder that space-flight has to offer us all! Thank you for your support. If you are interested in making a donation to our foundation, please contact For volunteer opportunities please contact or contact AEONS space Team Lead on Google Plus! (+AEONSSPACETL). Everyone who contributes to AEONS will have their say in the future of space exploration -- which is what separates us from the rest! We support all active space programs with a mission similar to our own so that deep space exploration can happen sooner through our combined efforts.

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